10 advice from Takayasu specialist (Japanese Dr.) TA

I was diagnosed with collagen disease (Takayasu arteritis) in November 2013.

Starting with 60 mg of steroid per day, 9 mg as of November 2014, 4 mg as of January 2017 now taking.

Now I share information about advice from TA specialist(Japanese Dr.) as below.

10 advice from TA specialist (Dr.T , Saitama Medical Center)

1) To take a light exercise. Abdominal muscle / squat is recommended.

2) Since there is a high risk of becoming diabetes etc., it is better to “restrict carbohydrates”.

To refrain from rice, pasta, udon(japanese noodle), fruits and so on.

To take salt within 6 to 8 mg per day for the prevention of high blood pressure.

3) To take vegetables, soybeans and fermented foods.(when eating, bite well! )

4) To choose salt-free almonds, cheese, dawn, etc.

5) The oil of α-linolenic acid (n-3 type oil) is good (ex, sesame oil, linseed oil, shiso oil etc).

6) Mask, gargle, wash hands to prevent infectious diseases

7) Do not let your body cool.

8) Smoking is strictly prohibited.

9) To avoid house dust, you should not keep pets.

10) Stress is not good. Let’s have a good sleep.